About Me

Daniel Mathews – a Husband and Father with Deep Local Roots

Daniel grew up in rural Pottawatomie County.  He still lives there today, just north of the Shawnee Mall.

Daniel and his wife, Yasha, have been married 17 years.  They have four children, son Kalen (14), twin daughters, Ashlyn and Lani (10) and daughter Maci (5).

Both of Daniel’s parents graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University.  His father is a longtime local pastor, and his mother is a local educator.

A Pastor and Man of Faith

Daniel serves as an Associate Pastor at Family of Faith Church in Shawnee.  He’s worked in virtually every area of ministry, including youth and senior citizen ministries.  Daniel’s also done missions work in over 30 countries.

A Businessman and C.E.O Helping our Community

Daniel is the founder and Executive Director of the Community Market of Pottawatomie County.

Daniel’s work started as a food ministry at his church serving local families in need.  Today, the Community Market employs eight people and helps thousands of families across Pottawatomie, Seminole, and Lincoln counties.  Daniel understands what it takes to meet budgets, make payrolls and run a business.

The Community Market’s goal is to help people leave poverty.  That’s why they help people with job and life skills too.  Daniel believes strongly that if you give a man a fish, you’ve fed him for a day.  But if you teach him to fish for himself, you’ve fed him for a lifetime.

Daniel knows that big government is not the answer to society’s problems.  The solutions can be found in private businesses, churches and nonprofits like the Community Market that reach out to meet the needs of local communities.

A Heart for Young People

In addition to his work in youth ministry, Daniel coached high school basketball for 10 years.  He now serves as a referee with the Oklahoma Secondary School Athletic Association.